credible improved fuel consumption claims

Credible Improved Fuel Consumption Claims

As a result of credible improved fuel consumption claims, Scania trucks started to appear, in recent years, in the big fleets and market share has grown substantially, hitting the heady heights of 8.3 per cent market share in 2017, selling 1,003 trucks.

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Heading Outback with a Scania B-triple

Here’s a short video Diesel News captured heading outback with a Scania B-triple. Filmed soon after dawn on the road from Charleville to Cunnamulla in South West Queensland, the Scania was pulling over 70 tonnes GCM.

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timing is everything in the truck market

Timing is Everything in the Truck Market

With the release of the new Scania range the old adage, timing is everything in the truck market, comes true as the new trucks, dubbed the ‘New Truck Generation’ (NTG) by the marketing people at the Swedish truck maker, hit the Australian market on the crest of a wave.

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pulling B-doubles from Sydney to Melbourne

Pulling B-doubles From Sydney to Melbourne

The new Scania models are now in Australia, and Diesel News tried out a couple of the new models on a drive, with the Scanias pulling B-doubles from Sydney to Melbourne. This is a route over which many of the new models will ply their trade, and it has the right combination of undulation and flat running to get a feel for how the new trucks perform.

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Drilling down into the new Scania

Drilling Down into the new Scania

Drilling down into the new Scania ‘New Truck Generation’ (NTG) is full of innovation. There is a big flat-floored cabin coming – the S Series – which is just like the R Series, only higher. There is also the XT Series, a robust variation aimed at the bulk construction materials sector, well suited to mining applications. It’s a wide range of new product to carry the brand through for many years to come.

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Trucks to Meet the Future Task

Trucks to Meet the Future Task

Discussing trucks to meet the future task in the boardroom at SRT Logistics’ headquarters in Hobart, Tasmania is Executive Director Jim Miller, Chief Operating Officer Brad Hilder and Fleet Manager Nigel Froud. Read more

In less than 18 months, Scania has completely replaced its truck line-up

Completely Replaced its Truck Line-up

In less than 18 months, Scania has completely replaced its truck line-up – from top-weight prime movers down to low-entry urban warriors, stopping off in between with an all-new construction range. Diesel News’ European Correspondent reckons the Swedish truck maker’s recent range renewal isn’t just about multiple new cabs atop a host of revised chassis.

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Bring Back the Clutch

On one of the new models from Scania, the Swedish truck maker has decided to bring back the clutch. Man cannot live on prime mover sales alone – even if they do represent a massive chunk of the new truck market up here. As part of it whole range change, Scania have filled in the remaining gaps in its New Generation line-up. Read more

new major truck maker brand, Traton

Range Renaissance 

Late last year, Scania completed its long-anticipated ‘New Generation’ range renaissance. Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Brian Weatherley, reckons there’s more to it than just a shedload of bright-new shiny trucks. Read more