Charges Complaint to ACCC, End Rego Stickers and Dodgy Trucksafe Certificates

Charges Complaint to ACCC, End Rego Stickers and Dodgy Trucksafe Certificates

The headlines in Diesel News this week include an Unfair Charges Complaint to ACCC, End Rego Stickers and Dodgy Trucksafe Certificates. Also in the news is a Safety Award Finalist, Wet Roads and Effluent Control.

Road Freight NSW, has called on the ACCC to investigate the new infrastructure surcharge imposed by DP World at its Sydney terminal. DP World Australia will charge an Infrastructure Surcharge at its Sydney Terminal from 3 April 2017.The surcharge will be $21.16 per container and will apply to all full containers received or delivered via road or rail at the Sydney Terminal.

Charges Complaint to ACCC, End Rego Stickers and Dodgy Trucksafe Certificates

In a letter to ACCC Rod Sims, Simon O’Hara, RFNSW General Manager called on the ACCC investigate whether DPW Australia misused its substantial market power under S46 of the Competition and Consumer ACT (CCA).

The RFNSW further claim DP World engaged in unconscionable conduct under SS20 or 21 of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL); and imposed the Infrastructure Surcharge in an unfair and discriminatory manner, including under the new small business unfair contract terms law.

“Our members are extremely concerned about DP World’s unilateral decision, which was announced without any consultation with industry,” said O’Hara.“There has been no discussion or input from carriers, just a 1-page letter warning carriers that their ongoing access to the Sydney terminal is contingent on them paying up.”


Meanwhile, in Canberra, the Australian Trucking Association is seeking the input of road transport operators to determine the cost to the industry of physical registration labels. The ATA has previously called upon governments to abolish truck registration labels.

“Registration labels have long been an issue for road transport operators. With the hassle of having to track down a truck which could possibly be thousands of kilometres away to change the label, right through to incurring heavy penalties for displaying out of date or incorrect labels, they need to be abolished,” said Ben Maguire, ATA CEO. “In order to effectively advocate for the removal, we need more information from road transport operators to accurately calculate the savings to the industry, and present these savings to government.

“If we can present accurate figures of savings, along with the huge success of removing registration labels in WA, we hope to encourage the state governments operating under the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) to follow in the footsteps of Western Australia in removing labels.


According to Trucksafe, expired TruckCare certificates have been presented to customers, regulators and police as documentation of ongoing membership and as a means of identifying quality assurance.

Trucksafe advises this practice breaches the authenticity of the TruckSafe and TruckCare business certification standards and ethical codes of practice. TruckSafe management will be visiting all major industry customers in the supply chain to verify the correct certificate is in use.

The valid document is the TruckSafe certificate of industry accreditation, which includes the TruckCare animal welfare module.

There are noticeable differences between the false documents and the real thing, including

Absence of an expiry date on the TruckCare certificate

No TruckSafe stamp

Different formatting and style

No signatures from TruckSafe and TAIC Chairs

Charges Complaint to ACCC, End Rego Stickers and Dodgy Trucksafe Certificates

The Volvo ATA Safety Truck has been declared a finalist in the community program category of the 2017 Australian Road Safety Awards. The Australian Road Safety Awards are presented by Caltex, and are an initiative of the Australian Road Safety Foundation.

The Volvo ATA Safety Truck is a mobile education centre teaching safety in and around trucks all across Australia. In 2016, the Volvo ATA Safety Truck visited 49 schools and events and directly engaged over 30,000 visitors who came through the exhibit and shared its key safety messages.

“I am very proud that the Volvo ATA Safety Truck is a finalist in the Australian Road Safety Awards. The nomination highlights the ATA’s longstanding commitment to safety and leadership of the discussion about practical road safety measures,” said Noelene Watson,ATA Chair. “In its 2015 major accident investigation report, Australia’s leading truck insurer, NTI, concluded that the truck was not at fault in 84 per cent of the fatal multi-vehicle accidents involving trucks that it considered.”


Meanwhile in the North, the wet conditions have caused the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association National President, Kevin Keenan, to remind transport operators of the need to exercise extreme caution in the very wet seasonal conditions.

“Long distance driving in Northern Australia is always challenging. Circumstances can change rapidly and drivers need to expect the unexpected,” said Keenan. “Given the current widespread and persistent wet conditions, companies and drivers must plan ahead carefully to avoid being stranded, keep in contact as often as possible and be familiar with an agreed back-up plan.

“Drivers should never put themselves or their live cargo at risk by travelling in severe weather events, attempting to traverse severely damaged roads or entering floodwaters of unknown depth or current strength.

“But we also can’t afford to let the weather completely cut off the economic lifeline of Northern Australia. I call on Federal and State Governments to work together to carry out any urgent road repairs that are needed to keep Australia’s produce moving, we can worry about the minor details later and ultimately industry will pay its fair share under the current PAYGO arrangements.”


The ATA celebrated International Women’s Day by launching nominations for the National Trucking Industry Woman of the Year award, which recognises strong professional or personal contributions made by a woman within the Australian trucking industry.

“The contribution of women to the trucking industry is vast. We work as drivers, schedulers, mechanics managers and business directors. We keep the wheels rolling,” said Noelene Watson, ATA Chair.

The National Trucking Industry Woman of the Year award will be presented at Trucking Australia 2017, held from 21 – 23 June in Darwin. The winner will receive a week long travel package for herself and partner to visit the Cummins factory in the United States. The package will include return airfares, accommodation, transfers and meals.

The ALRTA is sending a delegation to New Zealand to inspect its livestock effluent management system in the Waikato region in late April 2017. The aim of the trip is to gather information for a business case to support the establishment of ‘in transit’ managed roadside dumping points in Australia around key ‘hot spots’ where vehicles funnel towards aggregation facilities such as sale yards and processors.