Close Call for Dash Cam Site

Close Call for Dash Cam Site

This week has seen a close call for dash cam site operators Dash Cams Owners Australia. The YouTube channel, which has brought Diesel News readers so many near misses and brainless car drivers around trucks was closed down earlier this week.


“Our YouTube channel of 40,000 plus subscribers was yesterday terminated by YouTube for ‘Multiple 3rd party copyright violations’,” said a statement for the website. “Our videos were reported by a person named Vitaliy Kushvid, which appears to be a fake account. The videos they reported ranged from our monthly compilation to our review of the DOD LS470W Dash Cam (Which was recorded entirely by us using all our own content).


“So the claims themselves are bogus yet still enough for YouTube’s less than ideal copyright protection system to kick in and remove our channel. We have launched counter claims for the reported videos and the reinstatement of our channel. However YouTube is not exactly known for their efficiency in this department and the process may take weeks to have the channel brought back if it is at all.


“Thank you for those who have informed us that the channel was down and thank you for your concern, but at this stage there is little we can do but wait.”


In fact, we didn’t have long to wait and the site was back up and running. Back up in time to another worrying collision between car and truck in a tunnel, this time under Sydney Harbour.


Most of the time the publishing of videos on this YouTube channel is a vindication of what the trucking industry has been saying all along, car drivers are at fault most of the time. However, occasionally the footage can also highlight the irresponsible element in the industry.


Saving the site means we can still enjoy some of the typical videos like this truck vs caravan incident:


There was also the truck vs four wheel drive incident:


A compilation of car driver stupidity and life endangerment:


A sideswipe hit and run caught by the dash cam and the truck driver travelling in front of the victim: