Close Call

This is a shocking video from Carlisle River in Victoria. It is hard not to assume everything is going to go very badly wrong with the semi tipper so badly out of shape coming around the bend. As it happens, the tipper driver shows his great skill, slotting their truck between the truck on one side of the road and the woman and car on the other side.


A couple of things come to mind watching this. One, is the way empty trailers are braked, which causes them to lose control under harsh braking. A trailer with ABS or EBS would have in better shape to thread the needle and make it through the gap. We are hoping driver skill will make up for an issue which could be solved electronically.


The other thing which comes to mind is how important it is to get the message out there about truckies and their sense of responsibility and skill levels. This driver has lost it, with the trailer going sideways at speed on a bend, but they get back control just in time to make through and minimise the damage. This is the kind of thing which needs to be on TV screens every night, demonstrating how professional most drivers are.


Then, of course, there is the fact we can watch this at all. The introduction of dash cams has given everyone a much better understanding of what is going on and what can happen. It also means the blame for an accident can be fairly attributed, something which was rare in the past.


Here’s an incident from a couple of years ago with a caravan all over the road and hitting a truck before disappearing off into the distance:


This dash cam evidence is backed up by the one fitted in the second truck on the road:


Here, the car driver is texting and runs the red light, not a good result:


Driving along with the tipper body up and the inevitable happens: