Container Weighing Solution

A new, simpler, weighing system for containers is being introduced onto the Australian market. National Weighing & Instruments has announced a new partnership with New Zealand scale manufacturer, Bison, to supply Container Weighing Jacks, portable scales for accurately weighing shipping containers in any location.


New maritime rules will force shippers to accurately verify all export container weights from mid-2016, making the timing for this new weighing solution advantageous.


“Weighing Jacks are unique in that they allow an operator to accurately confirm a container’s weight and load distribution at the packing location” said Phillip Moraitis, National Weighing Manager. “Not only does this set shippers up to comply with the new container weighing rules, weighing the container at the packing point helps an operator optimise shipments, avoid dispatching overweight containers and eliminates the cost of weighing individual cargo items or diverting laden containers to a weighbridge.”


From 1 July 2016, shippers must ensure the weight of every laden export container is verified using one of two weighing methods and communicate this data to the shipping line in time for preparation of the vessel stowage plan. Without a verified container weight, the shipping line and terminal will be prohibited by law from loading the container on board a vessel.


Responsibility for verifying and communicating a container’s weight rests with the shipper. Only two methods of weighing a container are permitted, to either physically weigh the full container with calibrated and certified equipment, or to weigh all cargo and packing items with certified scales, add the tare weight of the container and calculate the weight.


Developed with the new weighing rules in mind, Bison Weighing Jacks comprise four small scales , which attach to each corner of the container, jack the container off the ground, then transmit weight data direct to a smart-phone.


An Android App calculates the container weight instantly, confirms the container’s load distribution and lets users store, print and feed the weight record into existing information systems.


In October last year, Bison was awarded the gold pin award for its innovative product design at the New Zealand Best Design Awards.