Cummins Electric Trucks, a Benz Break-up, the First Inter, Hino Skills and Blockchain Trucking

Around the world of trucking this week, we are hearing about Cummins Electric Trucks, a Benz Break-up, the First Inter, Hino Skills and Blockchain Trucking, all in Diesel News.

Cummins has revealed a fully electric heavy-duty demonstration urban prime mover. The engine maker also displayed the latest in near-zero natural gas engine technology, super-efficient diesel engines and shared plans to introduce a revolutionary heavy-duty diesel engine in 2022.


Reports in the US truck media tell us the new electric truck uses a new kind of battery pack, reckoned to redefine the sector. Cummins are quoted as saying the lighter, denser battery design holds charge longer improving range and speeding up charging.


“We will harness our global technical footprint to continue to develop a wide variety of power technologies to bring our customers the choice and solutions that enable their success and contribute to a sustainable future,” said Jennifer Rumsey, Cummins Chief Technical Officer.


Daimler Split


Reports in Europe suggest the Daimler empire may be split up in a planned shake-out. According to Reuters, separating Daimler’s divisions could unlock value, with trucks and buses on their own worth €31 billion euros ($47 billion).


“We have not decided to set up new legal structures within our group,” CEO Dieter Zetsche is quoted as saying by the website. “We have decided to analyse this possibility. We had a small group in our company which was weighing this idea.”


MaxiTRANS Results


MaxiTRANS has announced a net profit after tax of $10.7 million, a 104 per cent increase in reported net profit after tax and a 22 per cent increase in underlying net profit after tax attributable to equity holders for the year ended 30 June 2017.


With revenue at $340.1 million, including a two per cent revenue growth from the Australian Trailer business offset by a 27 per cent decline in revenue from the New Zealand Trailer business resulting in revenue for the Trailers segment remaining flat on the prior year.


MaxiPARTS revenue increased by 1.2 per cent and there was a three per cent increase in revenue from the China-based part of the business. Underlying net profit before tax for the Trailer segment declined 16 per cent.


First Inter delivered


Treloar Transport Managing Director, John Treloar, wrote to Iveco expressing a strong interesting in ordering the first of the new breed Internationals to be available here. Treloar remains the owner of the last new International to be sold in the country, a 9900 Eagle day cab tipper, purchased in 2011.


“Early on when we were getting up and running many years ago with my father Cliff and brother Tony, we were using old Bedfords and progressed to MANs, then we wanted something bigger that was also able to tow a trailer,” John said. “One of the local dealer salesmen, Brendan Smith, recommended a second hand 1986 S-Line. We were a bit hesitant because it already had 500,000 clicks on it, but Brendan told me it would do a million guaranteed, so we went for it and it hit 1.1 million without a problem.”


Hino Skills


Eighteen of Hino Australia’s most skilled parts, service and sales employees competed against each other in the 2017 Hino National Skills Contest recently. Through a series of hypothetical exercises, service contestants exhibited their diagnostic and componentry knowledge.


The 2017 National Skills Contest was won by WA Hino’s Brandon Healey (Service), FRM Hino Hobart’s Luke Bennett (Sales) and West Orange Motor’s Tom Stewart (Parts). It was Stewart’s second victory in a row.


The winner in each category (Parts, Service and Sales) receives an all-expenses paid trip to Japan in October to watch the Hino Japan Skills Contest. Hino Australia Chairman and CEO Steve Lotter spoke of the importance of the competition to Hino Australia, which is the accumulation of five months of intense competition.


DAF Platooning Trial


DAF Trucks has been selected by the UK government to test truck platooning on selected routes on England’s road network. The first platooning DAF test trucks are scheduled for trials in the UK in the coming months


With the truck platooning trial, the UK government expects to gain experience with the new innovation to bring greater efficiency to road transport. Platooning enables trucks to drive in close formation, leading to lower fuel consumption, reduced CO2 emissions and improved traffic flow, by using advanced driver assistance systems that contribute to increased road safety.


Tesla Truck


The proposed electric autonomous Tesla truck, due to be unveiled in the coming weeks, is claimed to be able to run 300 miles (480km) between charges, according to press reports in the US.


Blockchain Trucking


An organisation called Blockchain in Trucking Alliance has been launched in the US. The claimed aim of the grouping is to promote blockchain technology in trucking. The group reckon the trucking industry is often behind the curve with new technology.


The alliance reckons the blockchain technology would enable triple-entry accounting, making immediate payment of drivers upon delivery a possibility. A trucking business’ maintenance records would also be transparent and verifiable.