New Isuzu Boss, Cummins X15, MAN TGX D38, Sadleirs, Hino and Tesla

New Isuzu Boss, Cummins X15, MAN TGX D38, Sadleirs, Hino and Tesla

This week in Diesel News, New Boss at Isuzu, Cummins X15, MAN TGX D38, Sadleirs, Hino and Tesla all get a run.


New Boss at Isuzu

New Isuzu Boss, Cummins X15, MAN TGX D38, Sadleirs, Hino and Tesla
Hiroko Yaguchi, new Managing Director and CEO, Isuzu.


Isuzu has announced a change at the top, Hiroshi Nishizaka, who is currently in Japan, due to unforeseen circumstances, will not be returning to his role as Isuzu Managing Director and CEO. Instead, Hiroko Yaguchi, who is currently General Manager, International Sales Dept 4, Isuzu Japan, will fill the position. She is said to be familiar with Isuzu’s operation in Australia and well qualified to fill her new position.


“We thank Nishizaka-san for his contribution to Isuzu, albeit brief, and anticipate that he will shortly be re-assigned to another role within Isuzu Japan,” said Phil Taylor Isuzu Director and COO.

“Many of our Dealers had the opportunity to meet Hiroshi Nishizaka recently at the National Dealer Meeting held earlier this year in Sydney, where she was a guest and presenter on behalf of Isuzu Motors.

“We are hoping that Yaguchi-san will be able to join us for the Brisbane Truck Show in late May, where we will be displaying a wide selection of models with the emphasis on Ready to Work bodied trucks. We wish Nishizaka-san well for the future, and extend a warm welcome to Yaguchi-san.”



New Isuzu Boss, Cummins X15, MAN TGX D38, Sadleirs, Hino and Tesla



The Cummins X15 engine is now available with the Freightliner Argosy in addition to the Detroit DD15. The new engine will be available in output ratings ranging from 485hp to 600hp and up to 2050 ft lb.


X15 is an evolutionary development of the 15-litre ISXe5, which features Advanced Dynamic Efficient Powertrain Technology (ADEPT), a suite of electronic features capable of delivering fuel economy gains through improved powertrain integration.


ADEPT is for use with Eaton’s 18-speed automated UltraShift Plus transmission and has been tested in Australia since early 2016. It utilises load, speed and grade-sensing technology to initiate adjustments to engine power, torque and transmission gear selection to take advantage of vehicle momentum for better fuel economy.




Penske Commercial Vehicles (PCV) has finalised an MAN TGX‐D38 fleet deal with GTS Freight Management with 10 trucks to be delivered later in the year. The Mildura based operation will be supported by PCV’s newly announced Mildura dealership partner, Marshall Group.


“We have a long‐standing relationship with GTS Freight Management so once we launched the D38, we provided a demo model and the feedback was very positive,” said Kevin Dennis, PCV Managing Director. “The D38 offers great cost efficiency and high productivity which are key to the success of our customers.”


New Isuzu Boss, Cummins X15, MAN TGX D38, Sadleirs, Hino and Tesla



Sadleirs Global Logistics has announced it is the first National Customs Brokerage and International Freight Forwarder to be fully accredited as an Australian Trusted Trader by the Australian Border Force (Customs). Claimed to be another pioneering milestone for Australia’s oldest family business. The company was initially selected and now fully accredited as a result of its strong security practices and long history of compliant behaviour.


Australian Trusted Trader is a trade facilitation initiative recognising businesses with a secure supply chain and compliant trade practices. It provides accredited businesses with a range of trade facilitation benefits.


Australian Trusted Trader is an Authorised Operator (AEO) programme, one of many such programmes operating internationally. AEOs work to secure the international supply chain, while facilitating the movement of legitimate trade.


New Isuzu Boss, Cummins X15, MAN TGX D38, Sadleirs, Hino and Tesla



At a ceremony in Sydney, Hino recognised its best performing dealerships from 2016. For the second consecutive year, the title of Metropolitan Dealer of the Year was won by Melbourne’s Prestige Hino while Newcastle Hino took out the Regional Dealer of the Year for the third time in four years.


For the first time a Customer Satisfaction award was introduced with CMI Hino Adelaide, Vanderfield Hino Toowoomba and Barry Maney Hino Mt Gambier being named the inaugural winners.


New Isuzu Boss, Cummins X15, MAN TGX D38, Sadleirs, Hino and Tesla



A tweet from Elon Musk has seen the share market in truck related stocks have a bit of a flutter. The tweet asserted Tesla would announce details of an electric prime mover in September. Some US stock analysts immediately downgraded forecasts on shares in truck and engine makers.


Cummins, Paccar, Allison and Wabco were all mentioned in articles as being vulnerable to Tesla’s competition.