Daily 4×4 in a Class of its Own

Daily 4x4 in a Class of its Own

Featuring double low range and no less than three diff locks, puts Ivecos latest Daily 4×4 in a class of its own. Diesel reviewer, Paul Matthei , reckons it possesses off-road capabilities which need to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Daily 4x4 in a Class of its Own


Far from being built to a price and inevitably having important features omitted, the vehicles design from the ground up shows an undeniable commitment to delivering a fair dinkum go-anywhere light truck.


Even from a distance it exudes 4×4 cred with chunky single wheels, minimal front and rear overhangs and impressive ground clearance. A closer inspection reveals truck-like robustness in the chassis and undercarriage which bodes well for a long service life under arduous conditions.


The launch event was held at the excellent Melbourne 4×4 Training and Proving Ground near Werribee. It features a range of tortuous obstacles from rocky mountain climbs to creek crossings, all designed to test vehicles to their limits, and sometimes beyond.


Iveco Australia Product Manager, Marco Quaranta, explained off-road has been in the DNA of Iveco for a very long time, with the current range starting at the light end with the Daily 4×4 and moving through the larger trucks including Eurocargo 4×4, Trakker 6×6 and Astra 8×8.


The tradition goes all around the world, not only in Europe and Australia,said Quaranta. We are a leader in many countries where conditions are tough like Africa, Indonesia, China and South America, wherever there is mining, construction and maintenance you will find Ivecos doing the work.


Speaking specifically about the new Daily 4×4, he explains the new version is very much aligned with the 4×2 Daily in terms of cab commonality.


Inside and out the cab is the same except, of course, for the 4×4 components,” said Quaranta. “This is because we want to give the customer the heart and capability of an off-road truck with the comfort of a car. Thats basically the spirit of the new Daily 4×4.


Euro 6 is still to come in Australia, but Iveco is always at the forefront of engine innovation. The engine has SCR technology which means better efficiency, cooling and fuel consumption. The new generation electronic stability program includes a number of safety features including electronic brake-force distribution which means no more mechanical brake proportioning valve.


Australia accounts for 20 per cent of global Daily 4×4 sales and this gives Iveco Australia an important voice in terms of product development. Its a point reiterated by Key Accounts Manager Joel Read.


There is very close collaboration between the Australian market and whats being developed for us in Europe,says Read. “Weve been very careful to ensure the airbag development is tailored to applications in Australia where bullbars and other accessories are fitted. Were very excited by this development as it will open doors for us in the mining sector, fire fighting and other emergency services, and recreational markets.


According to Quaranta, mining is one of the sectors demanding a high level of OHS, with ESP, airbags, comfort, access and space in the cab all required.

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