Danger Around a Forklift

Danger Around a Forklift

There always danger around a forklift in a trucking environment. Here is a WorksafeNSW video about the basics of forklift safety. As anyone with any experience on a fork lift will tell you, this is nowhere near enough information to help a novice be safe on a forklift, just in this one instance. It does not take into any account the practicalities of  what it is like to be loading or unloading a truck.


The environment is noisy and busy, loads vary in size all of the time. Pallets are often badly stacked or off centre, making fitting the load on the truck an issue. There are also the pressures associated with the driver wanting tell the forkie how they want the load on, and quick! Invariably, there will be a queue of trucks to load and unload and a goods inwards/despatch under the gun to get results.


This second video has a lot more sensible information. It shows a young forkie in a realistic situation, doing the right thing, but doing it in a way the average safe forklift driver would normally work. He shows his practical skills and shows how the job can be done properly:


Unfortunately, not all forkies are sensible or like to do the job just right. This driver, on a fish dock in Alaska, has skills aplenty but remains anonymous, because he breaks all the rules to get the job done:



Our last video, is a cautionary tale about just what can happen if it does go wrong: