Do Not Overtake a Turning Vehicle

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How simple a rule is it to understand? Do not overtake a turning vehicle should be a no brainer for car drivers but they still put everyone’s lives in danger by shooting either side of a turning truck. This short video show just two examples of what goes on everyday on the highway for most truckies.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to stop the car driving public from stupidly risking their lives on roundabouts and other road junctions. The risks they take on a regular basis clearly demonstrates their total lack of understanding of how to behave around trucks. There is no respect for the rules or the driver shown in these two clips.

The only thing which is saving the lives and cars of these drivers is the skill and common sense of the person driving the truck. They have to make the assumption the car driver is going to do something stupid and have to be extra careful to avoid crushing the cars, which are breaking the road rules with impunity.


Do not overtake a turning vehicle


Videos like this could be filmed everyday on Australia’s roads to demonstrate the lack of knowledge in the general driving public, when it comes to the required behaviour around trucks.