Econic Goes Dual

A world first is being introduced onto the Australian market by Mercedes-Benz. This is the launch of the dual control Econic model for use by the waste collection industry. Dual control allows drivers to control the vehicle from the side of the cab closest to the kerb and enables a better view when picking up bins using the side loader system.


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The truck is sold in Europe with a single steering wheel for use by the waste industry, but Australian operators prefer to go down the dual control route. There are, currently only two players in this market segment, Iveco with the latest Acco and Dennis Eagle with the Elite 2.


The new dual control Econic has a Euro 6 rated engine, Electronic Stability Control and a low-entry cab design with a high level of all round visibility. As Mercedes Benz is keen to point out, no other truck in the class has all three of these features.


The Econic first appeared in Australia at the International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show in Melbourne back in 2012. At the time it was only available as a single steer model. Since then, Mercedes Benz has developed the dual control system, specifically to suit Australian operators.


The Econic uses a 7.7 litre diesel engine with 299 hp that meets Euro 6 emission standards, linked up to a six-speed Allison fully automatic transmission. Its cabin complies with the European ECE-R29 crash test regulations.


The Econic has Electronic Stability Program, an Electronic Braking System and ABS. It features air suspension for all axles and a suspended driver’s seat on both sides of the cabin.


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“The Econic was already a class-leading vehicle; the only thing missing was dual control,” said Andrew Assimo, Mercedes-Benz Trucks Sales Manager. “We are very excited to introduce a dual control version, which we think ticks all the boxes for Australian waste collection operators.”


“There is no other truck in the class that has the full suite of safety and environmental features that are standard in Econic including an Electronic Braking System, Anti-Lock Braking, a Euro 6 rated engine and panoramic vision. We know this will be a big plus for many customers.”