Electric Power For Cummins, Fuel Cells and Hybrid Vans

This week, alternative power for trucks is on the agenda with Electric Power For Cummins, Fuel Cells and Hybrid Vans in Diesel News.

A Belgian hydrogen technology company has won a European Union grant to develop a new extended range fuel cell truck. The H2Share Project will see a 27-tonne electric, fuel cell-extended range, rigid truck going into service, with the chassis and body provided by Dutch manufacturer VDL.

The truck will be developed alongside its own mobile refuelling system, which is being coordinated by German technology firm Wystrach. The truck will be put on trial in six locations across Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. The aim is to demonstrate the long-term viability of hydrogen fuel cells for long distances, as well as urban applications, with a view to creating a technology roadmap for the rollout of a proper hydrogen fuel cell refuelling network for road transport in northern Europe.

Cummins Goes Electric

In the US, Cummins has been talking about its current and future technologies, including electrification and alternative fuels. The company points out it continues to focus on its core business segments, engine, power systems, components and distribution business.

Cummins is looking to commercialise its electrification capabilities, bringing its knowledge and experience in the electrified powertrain space. In addition, Cummins is exploring potentially partnering with others in development of technology in energy storage, power electronics, traction motor systems and component control for commercial applications. It expects to begin electrified powertrain delivery in 2019, including battery electric and plug-in hybrids.

The company has also invested in research and development projects to build capability to develop products utilising a wide range of fuels. It is examining high efficiency petrol technology which can deliver diesel-like performance and durability, meeting the most stringent emission requirements while maintaining competitive fuel economy.

German Hybrid Van

Deutsche Post DHL Group subsidiary StreetScooter and Ford are entering a partnership for the manufacturing of battery-electric delivery vehicles. The chassis of the Ford Transit provides the technical basis. It will be equipped with a battery-electric drive train and fitted with a special body construction.

The start of production is scheduled for July 2017. Before the end of 2018 at least 2,500 vehicles will support the urban delivery traffic of DHL. With this volume, the joint project will become the largest manufacturer of battery-electric medium-duty delivery vehicles in Europe.