Every Truck Driver’s Nightmare

Every Truck Driver's Nightmare

This scene is part of every truck driver’s nightmare, rolling over on a relatively innocuous bend at a reasonable speed. It only takes the smallest misjudgement of speed of flick of the steering wheel to lay a truck over like this. Anyone who has watched this kind of thing happen will realise just how many times they came close to rollover without even realising they were in danger of losing it.


The margin of error in terms of speed on a corner like this is only a fraction of one per cent. Of course, from the point of view of the car driver looking on, as this monster truck careers down the roadside, this is just another reckless truckie endangering other road users.


Here is an example of another truckie looking bad, but this time it’s their own fault. Touching the traffic light the first may be excusable, just, but hitting it three times is just ridiculous;ous and not helping our cause in any way:


However, at least we are not as bad as the crazy Russians!


Happy New Year!