Extreme Truck Testing

Extreme Truck Testing

This week’s video brings us an excellent example of some extreme truck testing from the Czech Republic. This sees a 4×4 Tatra climbing up and over a seemingly impossible obstacle, designed to show off the off road performance of these all terrain trucks.

Watching the truck make one attempt and bail out and return to the start position, shows us just how difficult this climb is. The driver has to be going at exactly the right speed as the grade steepens to virtually vertical.

The second attempt sees the truck make it up to the summit of the demonstration edifice. Then the driver stops at the top to get the applause of the gathered crowd. Sitting up there the whole thing looks more than a little unlikely, trucks aren’t meant to get into this kind of position.

Then comes another heart stopping moment, the beginning of the descent. Going down the near vertical first stage of the grade it is clear the driver is very close to being out of control. Their job is simply to keep the truck in a straight line falling down the descent until some measure of control is returned as the grade reduces and the tyres actually grip on the road surface.

The driver’s heart is probably beating at quite a rate by the time the truck is back down on firm ground and able to be driven normally. There is a sense of relief in the watching crowd.

Watching the whole spectacle it looks like the exercise has been well designed and tested to the nth degree. The question which comes to mind is how did the Tatra folks know how far they could push their truck. A series of increasing grades must have been tested until the truck reached the limits of its capabilities.

Or is it just those crazy East Europeans going at it on a wing and a prayer?


Extreme Truck Testing