Feedback on New Oversize Notices Needed

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is looking for industry feedback on a number of upcoming Notices for heavy haulage operations. According to the NHVR, these new notices will have major benefits for heavy haulage operators across the country. These Notices are the first step to removing over 30,000 permits, currently being issued for the movement of heavy haulage vehicles.


“The Oversize and Over Mass (OSOM) Notices will replace the existing annual permits for Class 1 Load Carrying Oversize and Over Mass vehicles in Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Queensland,” said NHVR CEO, Sal Petroccitto.


Sal Petroccitto, NHVR CEO
Sal Petroccitto, NHVR CEO


“Once implemented, the Notices allow OSOM operators instant access to the network that was afforded under the annual permit schemes, without having to wait for a permit.”


In the proposed changes, Queensland’s inclusion is currently limited to annual permits scheme mass of up to 90.5 tonnes, TMR Queensland and the NHVR say they are working closely towards expanding the networks under the national notices.


Removing the requirements for an operator to obtain permits will allow heavy haulage trucks to operate more effectively and efficiently, improving productivity. According to the NHVR, this is another deliverable in continuing to reduce red tape across the heavy vehicle industry.


Petroccitto is quoted as saying the downtime waiting for permits is costly and unproductive for freight businesses, especially small transport operators who work within smaller margins, and whatever the NHVR can do to make their lives easier while still ensuring a high-level of safety is paramount.


“While the crucial delivery outcome of these OSOM Notices is to reduce permit numbers across jurisdictions, some steps towards harmonisation have been realised,” said Petroccitto. “These include South Australia extending maximum combination length out to 30 metres, from 25 metres and NSW increasing maximum combination mass to 100 tonnes from 75tonnes for dollies and trailers with eight-tyred axles.


“Continued harmonisation of OSOM access requirements across the country is the next key initiative the NHVR is progressing.


“We want to hear directly from the operators who will benefit from the Notices and feedback can be provided at the NHVR website until COB, Friday June 24 2016.”


Tasmania and the NHVR have developed a separate OSOM Notice which was published in November 2015, which will likely form the framework and basis of the ongoing harmonisation work for OSOMs nationally.