Find a Safe Way to Transport Tyres

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Growing national heavy haulage operation, Centurion, were trying to find a safe way to transport tyres and have come up with a innovative design for trailers to haul tyres out to mining machinery in the resources sector. This new system introduces the possibility of making the transport of these large tyres much more efficient and drastically reduce costs.

During the mining boom, the roads of Western Australia and Queensland were dotted with streams of truck pulled flat top trailers with a selection of the heavy tyres chained down. The trucks were preceded by a pilot vehicle and limited in the times they could and could not travel.

The solution shown in this video is a game changer. By enabling the tyre to be stacked up right the load is no longer too wide and does not need a pilot vehicle, as an over width load. The hydraulic rams on each cradle also make the loading and unloading process a lot simpler and, as a result. safer.

The other aspect which generates the possibility of much improved productivity is the fact these tyres no longer need to be transported in a single trailer combination. As the new trailers fit into the standard semi trailer dimensions, they can be coupled up into whatever road train combination is allowed on the roads on which the truck is travelling.


find a safe way to transport tyres