Flying Down The Highway

Flying Down The Highway

New road builders are always flying down the highway, when they are looking to spend our hard earned tax dollars on road improvements. One of the biggies for the trucking industry is the second Toowoomba crossing, which is being built right now and will transform the transport of road freight from Brisbane and its port to the agriculture and industry hubs on the Darling Downs and throughout the vast Western area of Queensland. This fly through shows the work as it is taking place. Hopefully. the climb up the range for the fully loaded A-double fuel tankers heading out to the mine sites will also be such a swift and smooth journey. It will undoubtedly be an improvement on the steep range used now and the gauntlet of traffic lights and pedestrians, which is the CBD of Toowoomba.


One of the common threads with these fly though videos is the cheery uplifting music composed to make us all feel good about ourselves, after sitting in a snarl up while the road is being planned or built.


Elsewhere in SE Queensland, the traffic heading for the West are currently getting chewed up in a the schmozzle which is where the Gateway and Logan motorways come together. Here is a fly through of the proposed changes which should cope with the massive amount freight heading through this area, coming in and out of some of the massive freight facilities, like Toll’s vast NQX site at Karrawatha, right in the middle of this gridlock:


Here is one of the big contentious projects in NE Melbourne. Making a freight route from the Hume Highway to Melbourne’s Eastern industrial areas has only been vital for the past thirty years or so, and they are still in the planning stage! Here is the latest attempt to get freight through and area of leafy middle class suburbs, go underneath, at a massive cost:


Sydney is crying out for new roads in just about every suburb. The incredible pace of growth in the city’s West means the new roads are virtually full as soon as they are opened. this is probably going to be the case when this one, at Badgery’s Creek comes online.


Meanwhile in South Australia, it’s all about the the North/South route through the city. The trucking companies of the area are still fighting through roadworks every day, the traffic jam just moves on a regular basis. As soon as the route is finished, the cry will continue for some real action on the biggest problem, getting freight and trucks from the industrial Northern suburbs and the route to Melbourne over thew Adelaide Hills to the West:


The controversial Freight Link project in Perth, connecting the Port of Fremantle to the road network,  stimulated the creation of many animations and fly throughs, but the kind of political game-playing, portrayed here, has seen the whole thing stopped and the Barnett government turfed out in the recent election: