Four Year Old Tries to Wreck Truck

Here is the latest of what is now becoming a long list of YouTube videos, in which Volvo try and take branding videos beyond the normal advertising genre and create something interesting and arresting to watch. They succeeded with the Jean Claude Van Damme ‘Epic Split’ and only time and   a page view count will tell us how well they have done this time.


The conceit is a good one, an unpredictable child and a remote-controlled 18-tonne truck. The four-year-old Sophie sends the Volvo FMX around a course designed to be difficult for her. The truck gets into trouble, but the features and toughness of the FMX model is demonstrated by the way it just keeps going, no matter what she does.


These are the features said to be demonstrated in the video

  • Automatic Traction Control, automatic all-wheel drive, activated when needed. The result is better traction, less wear and tear and lower fuel consumption.
  • Sturdy Front Corner, bumpers made of 3 millimetre thick high grade steel as an extension of the chassis.
  • Skid Plate protects the truck from loose objects, e.g. when driving on gravel or stony areas. The 3 millimetre thick steel Skid Plate is built to withstand at least 5 tonnes of pressure.
  • Volvo FMX has a ground clearance of 30 cm, meaning that vital parts such as the suspension and brake discs aren’t at risk of damage when running on rough ground.