Freight Robots

The Patrick Terminal at Botany Bay is claimed to be the largest auto-straddle terminal of its kind in the world. This is the corporate video the company has released to mark the opening of the facility. This is just another example of automatic systems and robots taking over many tasks in the transport industry.


This week Volvo have announced the development of robots to collect garbage bins and unload them into a truck.  The project is called ROAR, for Robot-based Autonomous Refuse handling, and the goal is to introduce a robot which, with the help of instructions from a truck’s operating system, can collect refuse bins in a neighborhood, bring them to a refuse truck and empty them. All of this occurs under the supervision of the refuse truck’s driver, who can thereby avoid heavy lifting.




As we know in all of these kinds of operation, accidents can happen. Especially if a human is involved:


Human crane operators can only see so much: