Fun With Containers

Fun With Containers

The humble shipping container has inspired a number of clever ideas and, in recent years, has seen the increasing popularity of the TEU as a home or restaurant. This means people are having a lot of fun with containers, and has also stimulated the invention of a lot of different container handling equipment. Here we have a system, which is very labour intensive, designed for fitting towing gear to a container.


Here is a much less sophisticated towing dolly:


The number of containers around mean we also have people improvising the handling of containers. This operator seems to know what he is doing, but it could go terribly wrong at any point:


This video goes to even lower tech, here we have a team moving a container by hand:


Handling containers is always a dangerous exercise and can go wrong for anyone. Here we have an issue for a lift operator in the Port of Los Angeles, let’s hope they can save the day:


Here’s a great idea from an Australian company, container swimming pools: