Future Delivery Options

Future Delivery Options

This week we are looking a number of future delivery options and all the weird and wonderful ways goods will be delivered in the future. There has been a lot of talk about drones doing the job, but legal hurdles about use of air space and the crowded infrastructure overhead make this pipe dream problematic, without some major changes taking place.


This video shows a trial taking place in the US for UPS. Note: it takes place in wide open country well away from potential trouble. Unfortunately most parcels are delivered in busy, crowded suburbs. At least they’re having a crack!


Next up is the often touted Amazon drone delivery system. This has not been permitted to trial in the US, and has, instead, headed to the UK to find some wide open space with few powerlines in which to strut its stuff:


It’s not all about being up in the air. There are some serious land bound contenders to fill this role in the future. This one sees a flock(?) of robots descending on an unsuspecting suburb near you in a van. They are then released and deliver their cargo out to a number of points simultaneously. The driver of the van then loads them up again for the next delivery:


The Dominos Pizza delivery robots look a bit more jazzy, but not so practical in their use. The big advantage for the general public is the robots drive a lot less dangerously than your average pizza delivery driver:


Now we come to the eco-friendly version of future delivery, the bike. This one does use some electric power, but also looks a little unstable when fully loaded, and is not very good at dubbing English speech onto the video:


This bike-based delivery system is actually working on the streets of Gothenberg in Sweden. The system is a kind of bicycle semi-trailer and works well in cycle-friendly Sweden. However, put these contraptions on the distinctly cycle-unfriendly streets of somewhere like Sydney, and see what happens:


This last delivery system leaves me speechless!: