Get With The Strength

Preventative Maintenance is Vital

Alemlube Automotive offers the industry a complete range of wheel-service equipment aligned with commercial and passenger vehicles, sourced from the world’s manufacturers. Partnerships forged with these companies have been based on, what Alemlube calls, a dedication to quality and engineering excellence, ensuring many years of reliable and efficient performance and as such, Alemlube Automotive says it is committed to the distribution, sales and total support of these wheel-service equipment products.

A comprehensive range of genuine European-designed wheel balancers heads the equipment list available from Alemlube Automotive that also includes top-performing tyre changers and wheel aligners. Team this with warranty backing and the industry benefits from the investment proposition.

Commercial vehicles are becoming increasingly sophisticated in technology and comfort and require the same level of sophistication in onboard wheel-service equipment. Let’s not forget that these days more and more vehicles are being fitted with high-performance tyres and wheels. Not only does this make a vehicle aesthetically appealing, it also provides lower rolling resistance, which lowers fuel consumption making it critical to balance wheels more regularly with a more precise, quality wheel balancer.

In today’s complex global market, workshop equipment purchasers are presented with many options and deciphering fact from fiction can be quite a challenge – many product brochures often raise more questions than they answer about the quality debate. This is why Alemlube Automotive has long-serving industry professionals with vast experience in this field on call to assist purchasers in making the right decisions.

Another very distinct and unique advantage of purchasing passenger and commercial vehicle tyre changers, wheel balancers and wheel aligners from Alemlube Automotive is the installation, service and support network coupled to an extensive spare parts and accessories inventory. The Alemlube Automotive team delivers unequalled product service and certainly offers an industry-leading approach to product knowledge, advice and after-sales support.

Complying with both international and local certification standards, the wheel-service equipment range from Alemlube Automotive not only represents benchmark quality, it provides many years of accurate, reliable service and is an investment in efficiency and value for money.