Greetings From the Trucking Twitterverse

Yet again, Diesel News brings you greetings from the trucking Twitterverse, a few stories you might have missed or don’t have time to check out.


This is a great initiative for drivers travelling through New South Wales. Truckies deserve a bit of love every now and again:


Here we have more evidence to back up the fact 90 per cent of the incidents described as ‘truck accidents’ are, in fact, caused by the other lighter vehicle. Just watch the right hand side of the screen. Statistics show over 90 per cent of all accidents involving a truck, another vehicle and a fatality are caused by the other vehicle. We keep on repeating it, and no-one is listening!


Just in case you are not sure about the precise details of the driving hours rules, and there has been some evidence of people not being too sure on these details, check them out here: