Have Drone, Will Travel

Have Drone, Will Travel

Trucking videos have been transformed by the ‘Have Drone, Will Travel’ brigade who are coming up with quality material in the wilder trucking environments. This is an example of the genre, by Danny Morton, out of Longreach, concentrating on the livestock carting industry which is the lifeblood of this part of Queensland.

Rural and remote Australia is an ideal environment for the drone enthusiast to ply their art. There’s plenty of room, minimal low-flying aircraft and no tall buildings. The angle from which the drone can film adds to the atmosphere of the shots and the ability to look over the truck shows us just what the truckie is doing and the conditions they deal with every day.

Particularly effective is the truck loading scene, with a big mob of cattle moving through the yard, kicking up the dust, which drifts across the scene, adding to the atmosphere. The triple comes around a bend and over a narrow bridge, heading straight for the camera, the drone rises above the height of the trailers just before it arrives.

Danny Morton is just one of many talented individuals working out in the wild country and bringing it to our computer screen, via the wonders of YouTube. They are generally working in the more remote areas where they have the time, space and, of course, less enforcement of low-flying rules. The drone seems to have been made to make the most of photographing the truck at work. Filming them from the side of the road as they fly by just doesn’t cut it any more, you have to ‘have drone, will travel’ to show trucking at its best.


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