Heading Outback with a Scania B-triple

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Here’s a short video Diesel News captured heading outback with a Scania B-triple. Filmed soon after dawn on the road from Charleville to Cunnamulla in South West Queensland, the Scania was pulling over 70 tonnes GCM.

The power in  the new Scania comes from a substantially redesigned V8 engine and this model is rated at 620 hp. There is a 650 hp version on the way, but there is no arrival date set for the introduction of the 730 hp version for Australia. The engine puts out 3000 Nm (2213 ft lb) of torque making taking off at over 70 tonnes a breeze.

With a rear axle ratio of 3.07:1 the engine revs low at 100 km/h and gets the fuel economy to match. The truck features Adaptive Cruise Control with Active Prediction topographical interface.

This means the driver can set up cruise to a certain speed and the truck will maintain this speed, but will also maintain a preset time gap to the vehicle in front backing off when required.

The topographical data is also regularly used by the system. The power will be knocked off just before the top of a rise to allow the truck to coast over the top, saving fuel. It will also hook into it a bit more just before a climb to use that momentum as the truck hits the grade.

The system also takes any opportunity it can to coast. If the truck does not require torque maintain the current speed, don’t forget it also knows if the downslope continues, it will neutralise the transmission and drop the rpm to 500.

Read the full story in an upcoming edition of Diesel Magazine.


heading outback with a Scania B-triple