Heavy Haulage Around the World

Heavy Haulage Around the World

This week we look at heavy haulage around the world. This is a very specialised area of the transport industry and requires highly specialised equipment. Each country has its own way of doing things, but, for everyone the job is the same, get a bloody big thing from A to B without damaging anything. Easier said than done!

This is how they do it in Finland.


Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, in the far West of Canada, this operator hauls the big stuff up through the Rocky mountains:


This is reckoned to be the biggest road prime mover in the world. It’s an 8×4 Tractomas from France. It is powered by a Caterpillar C27 engine. That’s a 27 litre engine pumping out, an amazing,  4000 Nm of torque and producing over 1000 hp:


We do handle some pretty big loads here in Australia. In this video Triton Transport is hauling the biggest wheel loader in the world, a LeTourneau L-2350, out of Perth. The largest capacity bucket option for the L-2350 is a huge 40.5 cubic metres and the machine can lift 72.5 tonnes. This enables it to load an Ultra Class Terex MT6300 (a 363 tonne capacity truck) with only five passes and in just over three minutes. The L-2350 is the only wheel loader in the world that is designed to load the bigger Terex MT6300s:


Now to two heavy haulage operations, no longer with us. First, a McAleese Tri Drive Kenworth taking a Komatsu WD900 out of the Chittering Road House , Western Australia


And second, a mob of HHA trucks in Bendigo to move a ring gear for a drag line crane to Blackwater, in Queensland: