Hino’s Great Leap Forward

Hino’s great leap forward

The release of the new 500 Series Standard Cab range may be seen as Hino’s great leap forward. The innovations in the new model range take the model well beyond its competitors in this market segment, in terms of electronic safety equipment offered as standard.

There’s also a new five litre engine, based on the nine litre introduced last year, with plenty of torque. Transmission choices are now between manual, AMT and fully auto across the range. 

The Hino 500 now includes a Pre-Collision System (PCS) which includes Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Pedestrian Detection (PD) and Safety Eye (SE). There is also Adaptive Cruise Control and a Lane Departure Warning System. 

The new A05 engine is a four cylinder derivative of the larger A09 six cylinder heavy duty engine fitted to the 700 Series heavy duty models in Japan as well as the medium and heavy duty 500 Series Wide Cab models in Australia.


Hino’s great leap forward


“The level of safety on this truck has never been seen before in a Japanese-built medium duty truck in Australia – this is complemented by the superior torque, increased power and reduced fuel consumption of the all-new heavy-duty Hino A05 turbo charged five litre four-cylinder diesel engine,” said Hino Australia’s Manager of Product Strategy Daniel Petrovski.

This new model represents a step change in the Japanese offering in the medium duty truck market. There has been a gradual evolution in the past 15 years as the Japanese truck makers have introduced incremental improvements in the sophistication in their trucks. Cruise control, ABS, improved entertainment systems, et al have come along piece by piece at the same time as the sophistication of the driveline improved to include electronic engines with EGR, SCR etc.


Hino’s great leap forward


This time it’s different. Hino is taking this whole truck segment and driving it forward into the 21st century. The safety technology coming into the Hino range is at a level comparable with the latest technologies fitted in new European trucks.

The electronic architecture in the new models is all new and will provide the platform for much more powerful sophistication in the coming years. This takes Hino a couple of steps ahead of its direct Japanese rivals in the medium duty segment. 

With the introduction of the new 500 Series Standard Cab, Hino has thrown down the gauntlet to its rivals. The question is, whether they will be willing or able to match the offer.

For more details and the full story on this new truck range see the next issue of Diesel Magazine.