How to Build a Truck

How to Build a Truck

Here’s a simple video explaining just how to build a truck. The young are under the impression all of these things which make their life comfortable and fun, just pop out of nowhere. The trucking industry needs to do more of this, showing the process needed to get anything to the consumer, letting people understand how much the whole world depends on trucking and trucks.


Sometimes, we in the trucking industry need to be told just how important we are. Ignored and disregarded, our industry is one of the vital building blocks which makes modern society tick.


Here a truck driver in the US tries to show what life on the road is like. However, this doesn’t show others just how important trucking is to modern life.


Again we have a mini-documentary showing us how the UK health service supply chain works. Apparently, the warehouse is the main story and the trucking side of it warrants about three seconds:


Here is a union video telling the world about how badly Walmart treats those in the supply chain, without mentioning those transporting the goods across the world once!