Hyundai Prime Mover Tested

Here is an interesting video showing a Hyundai prime mover tested on the roads of South Korea. The test is being done by an old friend of Diesel News, Iep Van Der Meer of the BigTruck online news site in the Netherlands. 

Readers may remember Iep from some of his spy shot exploits of the past, where he was the first to show images of the New Generation Scania and a number of other truck models, when in testing mode.

Here he has had a go with the Hyundai Xcient and he gives us his first impressions and assesses the pros and cons of the Korean prime mover. Hyundai seems to be trying to match the European truck makers in terms of gadgets and home comforts. More detail on engines and transmissions will be needed down the track.

‘What’s the chance of one of these trucks turning up on Australian roads?’ I hear you ask. Well, we have seen a few false dawns from Hyundai trucks in Australia, so we better not start counting our chickens just yet.

 Let’s see how the first wave of lighter trucks beds in, and how any organisation bringing Hyundai trucks into Australia beds down, before we start expecting them to introduce anything like this top-of-the-range prime mover.