IAP boosts productivity for Fletcher

Improved road access under the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) has helped Fletcher International Exports operate more efficiently, while also reducing community exposure to truck noise.

Based at Dubbo in central western NSW, Fletcher International Exports is a leading processor and supplier of sheep meat, skins, wool products and associated by-products to the global market.

“We used to transport 40 foot containers of export meat or sheep by-products on a tri-axle semi to the rail terminal located near the centre of Dubbo for transfer to Port Botany,” said the company’s managing director Roger Fletcher. “However, due to the 42.5 tonne gross mass limit we could not fill those containers.

“Dubbo City Council gave us approval to operate to 55 tonnes gross using a quad-axle semi-trailer – meaning we could fill the containers to capacity – however this still involved transport over local roads which, based on Council’s advice, were not built for such loads,” he added.

The council advised Fletcher that Yarrandale Road (on which the abattoir is situated) was constructed to a higher standard so the company decided to build its own inter-modal rail terminal within Dubbo’s industrial precinct just 750 metres from the abattoir. This suited the council because it no longer had the tri-axle semi-trailers operating on the back roads of Dubbo to the old rail terminal.

The contractor engaged to move the containers was required to install satellite telematics linked to an approved IAP service provider before operating the quad-axle unit.

“This solution means we can operate more efficiently while at the same time no longer exposing the local community to the noise of trucks taking our products to port,” Roger Fletcher concluded.