IAP delivers for Scott Corporation

Operating trucking divisions Chemtrans and Bulktrans, Scott Corporation Limited was one of the first transport operators to join the Intelligent Access Program (IAP). According to Mark Wintle, the group’s compliance manager, the technology has delivered multiple benefits.

“We were early adopters of the technology and have never looked back,” he said. “In-vehicle telematics now forms an essential part of our business. We run a 24/7 operation so knowing where our vehicles are, how they are performing and being able to interact with our drivers and customers is critical to the smooth and efficient management of our organisation.

“Aside from helping us manage our operations, IAP access to the Higher Mass Limits (HML) network has allowed us to carry approximately 2.5 tonnes more per load,” Mark continued. “Based on 14,000 loads per month, we achieve additional payload of 420,000 tonnes per year. That is a saving of around 12,500 truck movements a year meaning we need two to three fewer trucks for our operation.

“An additional payload of 420,000 tonnes per year easily covers the cost of being in the IAP. Across our fleet of 40 vehicles, the cost of IAP in-vehicle units (IVUs) was around $100,000 with an annual operating cost of around $70,000 for the fleet. Even if we were only earning one dollar per additional tonne we would still be way ahead under the IAP.

“The IAP works for us because it has the reliability and flexibility to accommodate both our business and compliance needs. It provides us with improved access to the road network while also enabling commercial management services like fatigue, speed and fleet tracking which are indispensable to a forward looking business such as ours.

“Indeed, with Chain of Responsibility legislation now being enforced, any transport or logistics business that does not take telematics and GPS seriously is taking a major risk,” Mark Wintle concluded.