Ice Truckers on TV

A TV show stretches one truck driver’s Facebook post into a segment on a prime time program. Channel Nine’s anti-truck, A Current Affair is at it again, this time suggesting the smoking of ice is rife in the truck driver community.


The show managed to find a post on Facebook, in which a truck driver smokes ice in a pipe and then declares himself to have ‘managed his fatigue’. This footage was coupled with an interview with an ex-driver who claimed to have lost his license through drug use on the road. He claimed to have worked with the filmed driver, and also stated many drivers took ice when driving.


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“These individuals and this behaviour reflect poorly on the honest, hard-working and professional men and women in this industry,” said Jodie Broadbent, ATANSW Manager. “Trucking operators have introduced drug and alcohol policies that cover random testing of their workforce, but more needs to be done.


“The chain of responsibility legislation in road law must be used by road authorities to prosecute those in the supply chain who don’t manage their businesses properly, or who push drivers to achieve impossible targets.


“This television report is not representative of the hard-working men and women who work in our industry. This person clearly has a drug addiction problem and while he needs help, we don’t want him on our roads, either in a car or a truck. Our members are sick of being lumped in with these individuals. These people go to work just like anyone else, they have the right to feel proud of the work they do.”


A statement from the Transport Workers Union also condemned the driver, “People like this have no place in the trucking industry and no place on the roads.
 As well as getting this guy off the road, let’s ask why drivers would want to put their lives and those of others at risk by taking to drugs to ‘manage their fatigue’.”


Yet again, at TV crew have found one rogue truckie to make wild statements and instil fear of trucks and truckies in the general public. The whole tone of the report sees the demonising of a profession extrapolated from one video clip on Facebook.


The response of the trucking community was limited to just a few comments like those above. Most of the major organisations associated with the industry choose to keep a low profile when ACA come up with sensational ‘stories’ like this, but this means this misrepresentation goes unchallenged in the mainstream media.