Iconic Road Train Route

This video about an iconic road train route is a part of a series being developed by Linfox to show some of the transport tasks the company runs on different applications.

Of course it is a promotional piece, advertising the services Linfox provides its customers, as well as telling us how happy their employees are to work for such a wonderful company. At its heart, this is a positive message about trucking and trucking people.

One way to tackle the issue around the acceptance of trucking as a plus for society and not a negative is to humanise it and make the people involved a bit more human. For many people, the only interface they have with truckies is a pair of sunglasses staring out at them from high up in a truck cab, and feeling intimidated by the sheer size and speed of the truck.

The truck involved here is a big one – these AAB quads are running around the 150+ tonne mark and yet, looking at the one in this video, it is benign and positive. This is what trucking needs, a benign and positive image.