Improved Efficiency Wins business

Linfox, Load Restraint, Emissions and a Rural Safety Award


Linfox has invested in an intelligent lighting system upgrade in its warehousing business and won a new contract, elsewhere, through improved efficiency. The new lighting system has been fitted at Linfox’s Arnott’s site in Virginia, Queensland, with a claimed potential for up to 90 per cent energy savings.


Linfox Sustainability Manager, Bo Christensen explained how light-emitting diode (LED) lighting solutions present an opportunity to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions for Linfox and its customers.


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“Industrial lighting is a significant cost both for organisations and the environment, particularly large industrial sites and those that run 24-seven with traditional, high-wattage lighting,” said Christensen. “Lighting can represent at least 25 to 50 per cent of a site’s energy use, so an energy efficient lighting solution is a key opportunity to reduce energy use and create a consistent, safe and well-lit work environment. Once installed, the lighting system should only require minimal oversight.”


According to Linfox, the potential savings from this Green Fox sustainability initiative are considerable, particularly where large scale lighting is required for extended times.


“Using the most efficient, proven lighting sources is crucial. LED systems are a high-quality lighting technology with a solid future,” said Christensen. “Finding long-term opportunities to maximise ongoing sustainability and ultimately reduce costs are important for us and our customers. We are very pleased with the results achieved for Linfox and Arnott’s, and look forward to providing future savings across the Linfox portfolio.”


Meanwhile, to the West, Lion Dairy and Drinks (LDD) has announced it will invest $40 million over three years to strengthen its dairy operations in the Western Australian market, including outsourcing its warehouse operations to Linfox.




Linfox’s efficient systems have been identified as the reason to use their services, by Lion. A statement said the company can take advantage of their expertise to drive greater efficiencies around the business.


“This transformational $40 million investment makes clear LDD’s intent to compete and grow our dairy business in Western Australia over the long term,” said Peter West, LDD Managing Director, Peter West. “This significant investment highlights our belief in the dairy industry in Western Australia and the focused approach we are taking to this market, consistent with our turnaround plans.”


According to Linfox, the employee buy-in has been an important part of the success of the Green Fox program for the transport and distribution giant.


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“It’s clear our people are embracing the new lighting upgrade,” said Jeffrey Brown, Linfox Arnott’s Site Manager. “The enhanced quality and uniformity improves the working environment, making everyone’s job easier.”


As part of the Green Fox sustainability program, the installation at the Linfox Arnott’s site detects both physical movement and daylight in order to calibrate lighting for maximum efficiency.


“This is truly smart technology in that the lighting levels are highly customisable and can respond to changing client circumstances and operations,” said Brown. “The lighting system analyses performance, sets optimum lighting control and provides on demand, customised data and reporting to capture usage and savings.”


In addition to energy savings, the reduced need for maintenance further reinforces the cost effectiveness of this LED technology.


“Unlike traditional lighting systems which can cost tens of thousands of dollars every year to maintain, LED has a significantly longer lamp life,” said Brown.