In Love With V8s

What is it about the V8 and the Aussie trucking industry? There is something about the sound of a hard working V8 heading onto the highway, which makes any trucking enthusiast grab the camera and record the truck passing by. This video shows the love of one driver for his ageing, but in excellent condition, K100 fitted with a Caterpillar 3408 V8 engine.

Here is a classic Mack Superliner with the legendary V8 pulling out of the truck stop in Karratha, heading out to pick up its third trailer:

Here’s what its like from the inside of a Mack Superliner:

The V8 Mack engine continued into the Titan model when it was first introduced, before being discontinued. Here’s a well worn example, with the superb engine sound featured after 6:53 in the video:

Once the V8 engine is discontinued in the Actros next year, the only V8 available on the Australian truck market will be the Scania, which sounds like this: