Increase in Retiring Old Trucks

Truck registration statistics show the number of older trucks being retired has increased dramatically in the last quarter. The latest analysis by the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA) shows new truck registrations still ahead of retirements, but to lesser extent than in 2014.


On a quarterly basis, ARTSA researchers use vehicle registration data, supplied by Austroads, to give a snapshot of the trucking industry, and attempts to illustrate trends in the trucking industry.


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The reduction in freight volumes, across the board, is suggested as the reason for the lower level of new truck registrations in 2015 (down 13 per cent), when compared to 2014. The sharp increase in truck retirements from registration, up from 3000-3500 per quarter to 4600 in the most recent quarter, may also be an indicator of a lower level of economic activity.


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These numbers still show an increase in the number of trucks registered on the road to have risen by over 2000 in the third quarter of 2015. However, in 2014 the net gain in the number of trucks was between 3000 and 4000 for each quarter.


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During 2015, new registrations prime movers, trailers and rigids has grown, but this is from an extremely low result in the first quarter of the year when, for example, only just over 1000 prime movers were registered.


ARTSA’s analysis of detailed figures has shown the surprising reduction in the total number of B-double and road train capable prime movers registered to run on Australian roads. As these trucks form the backbone of most of the long distance haulage in the country, this suggests a downturn in the amount of freight being hauled on our roads.