Increased Visibility for Trucks

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A meeting in Canberra has seen increased visibility for trucks on the agenda. Experts in the field came together to discuss a range of technical areas for review with a focus on improving safety through increased visibility for trucks.


The Australian Trucking Association’s Industry Technical Council meeting saw a focus on the Heavy Vehicle Visibility Technical Advisory Procedure (TAP). The document aims to inform the trucking industry about the significant safety benefits of applying high visibility marking to the side and rear of trucks.


Increased Visibility for Trucks


This TAP is being updated by the ATA together with industry representatives and will provide voluntary guidance to increase visibility on roads, along with the performance, ideal placement and recommended material specifications for the markings.


One study by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on the effectiveness of retroreflective tape on heavy trailers has shown improved truck visibility in low light scenarios can reduce rear end collisions by 41 per cent and side collisions by 37 per cent. 


“These road safety benefits illustrate how important these markings are, and we strongly advise that all truck owners consider adhering to a higher level of lighting and reflector requirements,” said Chris Loose, ATA Senior Engineering Adviser.


ITC also discussed the next issue of the ATA’s Truck Impact Chart, which is now progressing to the final stage of approval by the ITC. The chart highlights how Higher Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFV) not only have a lower impact on roads per tonne of freight moved, but also have significant safety and environmental benefits.


Increased Visibility for Trucks


“The case for investing in modern higher productivity vehicles speaks for itself,” said Loose. “Not only is there evidence showing that the emissions are further reduced, but road crash data from Austroads shows significant safety benefits for all road users from fewer larger trucks on the roads and the highly advanced safety technology found in these vehicles.”