Intermec’s new ‘pocket rocket’ printers

Intermec has released its new PR2 and PR3 mobile receipt printers which are claimed to be the smallest, lightest and most durable receipt printers in their class.

Designed for mobile field professionals in direct store delivery (DSD) route accounting, field service, mobile point of sale and electronic citation, the two-inch (50 mm) PR2 and three-inch (76 mm) PR3 mobile printers provide the ideal companion to Intermec’s broad portfolio of mobile computers with shared charging, docking, accessories and remote management capabilities.

According to Intermec, businesses can tailor the printers to their unique requirements and gain significant competitive advantages as the printers also have the fastest time to first receipt in their class. They are built for all day comfort and reliability using the included belt clip, optional belt loop or shoulder strap.

Compatible with Intermec’s FlexDock system, the company claims its new PR2 and PR3 printers offer a new level of efficiency to docking and charging. Additionally, the modular docking design can offer up to a 20 percent cost saving during initial roll-outs. Field-replaceable batteries can be charged independently of the printer to further maximize convenience and uptime, which is said to reduce battery replacement costs by as much as 50 percent over the life of the device.

“Intermec is committed to providing fast, flexible solutions that offer mobile field workers the tools they need to transform business operations and reduce infrastructure costs, driving bottom line results,” said Chuck Dourlet, Intermec’s vice president of printers & media. “The flexibility of the new PR2 and PR3 mobile receipt printers offers businesses unique value and a future-proofed approach to managing their overall enterprise mobility solution.”

It’s a view shared by Richa Gupta, barcode analyst at VDC Research Group.

“VDC’s research shows the impact of expenditures on device infrastructure, such as communication docks, battery chargers and associated facilities, can be as much as 12 percent of the total cost of an enterprise mobility deployment,” Richa said. “By integrating its latest line of mobile printers with its FlexDock modular docking system, Intermec is directly addressing the growing need for end-user enterprises to reduce their current and ongoing infrastructure costs.”

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