International Launch Vegas Style

International Launch Vegas Style

This week saw an International launch Vegas style when the new LT Series was launched for the US market in a ceremony full of smoke, flames and loud rock music, for a classic truck launch. The new LT is the flagship truck in the new range, as International move away from the ‘Star’ names to all models being identified by letters.


Whether this is the truck we could see arriving in Australia, in the long anticipated return of the International brand, as displayed in Brisbane nearly 18 months ago, is not certain. The recent deal done when Volkswagen bought over 16 per cent of the US truck maker could be a delaying factor for Inter fans in Australia. We will just have too wait and see.


Here’s the Volvo version of a spectacular launch:



Fuso in Vietnam goes with a pumping score and it own inimitable style:



Earlier this year Isuzu launched the new F Series with a great looking show: