International Truck Ready to Go

Today is the day, with the International Truck ready to go, the lucky future owner has paid their money and is waiting with bated breath. Yes, the National Transport Insurance (NTI) restoration saga is almost over. This is part four of the restoration story, a restoration of an International K5 from 1948, to be won in a draw in aid of Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

The story started when the team at NTI decided to do something about MND after former NTI CEO Wayne Patterson was diagnosed with the debilitating disease. We have followed the team’s discovery of a suitable candidate for a restoration in a paddock on the Darling Downs in Queensland.

The engine started on that first visit, the team knew they were onto a good’un. Since then this series of videos have captured the ups and downs of a historical restoration, with people from all over the industry tipping in with help to get the job done.

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