Isuzu’s new twin steer models gaining attention from agitator market

hy-tec-subbie-paves-the-way-with-fyj-2000-fmpfkqpz hy-tec-subbie-paves-the-way-with-fyj-2000-jgokilbnOwner – driver, Andrew Kaluzyn, is leading the way with Isuzu’s new FY Series as one of the first operators in Australia to spec an FYJ 2000 for the demanding concrete agitator application.

And Andrew knows a thing or two about concrete and the trucks that carry it, having started his concrete transport business, Andkal, back in 1999.

He has been sub-contracting to HY-TEC ever since, moving concrete from the company’s Auburn plant to various construction sites around inner and greater Sydney.

Their relationship is a long one. HY-TEC was established in 1998 only a year before Andrew’s company, and now has over 40 plants and quarries around Australia that supply a range of concrete and construction aggregates such as sand, gravel, crushed stone and slag.

Andrew grew up with trucks, and has been driving them for more than 23 years – before he was in the concrete game he drove general freight and distribution trucks for various companies.

With his experience and knowledge, he knew what to look for when buying a new truck.

“My previous truck was from an Italian manufacturer and I used it for 14 years,” Andrew said.

“I needed something new that was stronger and could handle the weight of a fully loaded 7.4 m3 concrete mixer bowl.

“I took my time in choosing the truck and it worked out well with the release of Isuzu’s new FY Series.”

According to Andrew, the process of getting his new acquisition on the road was very smooth.
“I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it was to get the truck ready for work – it only took local body builders, Thaiamex, and drivetrain specialists, KCDR Drivetrain, a week to get the concrete mixer bowl fitted.

Andrew is confident that the FYJ 2000 is the right truck for the job.

“I honestly couldn’t find anything better than what Isuzu offers,” Andrew said.

“I’ve only had the truck for a short while and I’m already more than impressed with the performance.

“The price was right and the truck’s features are exactly what I require – I didn’t need to buy any extras, everything is already included.”

“The cruise control is also fantastic for those long highway drives and the engine has more than enough power.

“It drives better up hills than my previous truck, even though it’s carrying five tonnes more,” he said.

The FY Series is powered by the six cylinder SiTEC Series III 350 engine, rated at 257 kW @ 2,000 RPM and 1,422 Nm @ 1,200 – 1,500 RPM.

Andrew’s new truck has been a big topic of conversation at construction sites.

“The other sub-contractors that I work closely with are also considering upgrading to an FYJ 2000,” Andrew said.

“Isuzu’s new twin steer models have definitely caught everyone’s attention.”