It’s a Great Trucking Life

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For many truck drivers it’s a great trucking life, but if you look at media reports about trucking, it definitely isn’t. Videos like this one from Linfox do a little to redress the balance. We as an industry should be doing more like this and get the message out there that trucking can be a great life.

There are just not enough positive stories out there about trucks and trucking. This is evidenced in the difficulty big companies like Linfox have in getting drivers. Driver shortages lead to a lower standard of driver, which leads to further issues. If these issues get aired on the media, fewer young people want to get into trucking. The cycle continues.

If the trucking industry is going to get itself out of this slump in interest and dearth of new recruits, more effort needs to be put in like this. Millennials aren’t going to work in an industry, which they perceive as dangerous, unfulfilling and riddled with a bad culture. One campaign like this isn’t going to get us far, but a concerted effort by all those involved in getting some real stories, with a positive edge, in front of the younger people, has got to be out there to counter all of the continual negative tabloid publicity.



It's a Great Trucking Life