It’s All Japanese To Me

It's All Japanese To Me

These truck promotion videos are all Japanese to me, but the differences between the offerings from the different brands gives an idea about the varied approaches brands take to get their message across. The new Quon was released by UD Trucks in Japan this week and the video shows the Volvo influence, with a strong emphasis on the smart technology now included in the truck.


Here’s a promotional video from Fuso in Australia, taking a completely different approach. It looks good, with a great sound track. This is definitely Australia and the video seems to be trying to show us how comfortable the Fuso truck is in the Australian environment:


For Isuzu, there is a completely different approach, using a well known Australian face to talk to us at a personal level about all of the features of the Isuzu F Series:


Hino take a much more philosophical approach to the truck video. Here we are looking at the big picture, at how Hino think about trucks and developing them for the end-user: