It’s All the Rage, Ready Made

For truck manufacturers in Australia, it’s all the rage, ready made trucks fitted with bodies able to go to work straight out of the dealership. This has become an accelerating trend in recent years as more and more trucks are offered for sale already fitted with tipper, flat top and even pan bodies.

It’s All the Rage, Ready Made

The trend was started by the likes of Isuzu, nearly 20 years ago with its Tradepack brand of ready to go tradie N Series models. Hino and Fuso followed with some imported tipper bodies on offer.

However, it wasn’t until the body builders of Australia became so overwhelmed and waiting time for a truck body got out of hand, that the demand for the built ready product really took hold. Each truck manufacturer at the lower end of the mass scale now offers some kind of built ready product. Even heavy specialist has got in on the act, selling curtain sider and hook lift rigid trucks.

This week Fuso has announced the introduction of the most comprehensive  ready made range of its kind. The Built Ready range line-up includes eight different models that can be purchased with bodies already fitted, saving customers from potentially long wait times.

Built Ready models available include Canter tippers, trays, fridge trucks and pantechs, as well as the larger Fighter tipper and tautliner.

“Fuso wants to make it easier for our customers to do business, so we have developed the Built Ready range that covers a wide range of applications,” said Justin Whitford, Fuso Director. “We know that our customers would rather be out there getting the job done than waiting for a body to be built up.”

The Built Ready Canter tippers are sourced directly from Japan, while all the other Built Ready bodies have been developed with Australian truck body builders and are made in Australia.

“We have been working on this program for quite some time because we wanted to get this right,” said Justin. “The quality of these bodies is excellent and we know the design and features will be appreciated by customers who use these trucks all day, every day.”

It’s All the Rage, Ready Made

The Built Ready range includes two Canter tippers, a 515 City model with a standard cab (6 tonne GVM) and a 715 Wide Cab (6.5 tonne GVM). There is also a medium duty Fighter tipper, with a GVM of 11 tonnes.

There are two Canter tray models, the 515 City Cab and the 515 Wide Cab. These feature alloy trays with drop sides, removable racks and a heavy duty floor.

A Canter 515 Wide Cab pantech model targets delivery customers, with fibreglass gloss reinforced panels or lighter honeycomb fibreglass construction. The truck also features a sturdy chequerplate floor, an interior LED light and a Dhollandia tuck-away lift.

Fuso is also offering a Canter 515 City Cab model with a Thermo King fridge, styrene sandwich panel construction, a non-slip fibreglass-on-ply floor and a kerb-side door with fold down step. This model can be used for either frozen or refrigerated cargo.

A Fighter tautliner model is also part of the Built Ready range and is offered with a choice of 10, 12 or 14 pallet bodies with a chequerplate floor, white curtains with black pelmet and lift out hanging gates.