Jost rising to the challenge

In Australia’s highly competitive transport equipment market, the key to staying ahead of the pack is to be open-minded. If you’re not pushing the envelope, you’re not going to effect real change. That’s why Jost Australia has acquired the rights to represent Italian hydraulics expert Hydrocar.

 “Jost Australia has made a name on offering Australia’s transport industry a diverse product range of landing legs, fifth wheel couplings, wheel components and much more. But as a company that strives to be the industry benchmark for supplying transport equipment, you need to continue to evolve and challenge yourself – even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone,” says Ed Crowther, Managing Director of Jost Australia.

“We have long provided the Australian transport industry with an assortment of hydraulic equipment. However, in recent times we identified that our current portfolio needed a more comprehensive offering for our valued clients and that’s why we are extremely pleased to have been appointed as the sole distributor within Australia for Hydrocar.”

According to Ed, Jost will now be stocking the full range of Hydrocar products for North American, European and Japanese vehicles, which will include gear pumps, piston pumps, both axial and bent axial models, mechanical controls, pneumatic controls, valve distributors and power take-offs (PTOs).

“These Hydrocar products are specifically aimed at the tipping sectors, construction and agricultural industry,” he explains.

“This will now enable Jost to offer a complete solution to our customers to compliment the range of tipping hoists currently sold.”

In addition, Ed states that Jost will also offer a range of side tipping cylinders and this has been a “notable growth market for Jost over the past two years”, while also revealing that Jost Australia plans on publicly displaying the Italian brand in the near future.

“To give our clients and the rest of the Australian public an opportunity to see what’s it’s all about, we will be unveiling the full range of the Hydrocar products on show at the Jost stand at the forthcoming 2013 Brisbane Truck Show and the 2013 Perth Truck & Trailer Show in July.”

Established in Modena, Italy in the late 1970s, Hydrocar made its name on providing the transport sector with PTO mechanisms, valves, pumps and devices to a variety of hydraulic systems for industrial and commercial vehicles.