Jost sole distributors of Tuna Wheels in Australia

JOST Australia have recently announced that they will be the sole distributors of Tuna Wheels in the Australian market. The cast alloy wheels will be coming to the Australian market in the following months, giving a new aspect to the wheel market in Australia.

The Swedish designed Tuna Wheels are produced using a process that was invented by the Tuna Wheel company in the 1970’s, called low pressure casting. The Tuna wheel was the first Aluminium cast wheel for heavy duty purpose and still leads the way in quality.

The Alloy and design produces a wheel to specifically reduce weight, maintain strength and dissipate heat quickly and effectively. This also ensures reduced fuel consumptions, when compared to heavier steel wheels.

“Each wheel is rigorously tested to ensure quality,” said Ben Crowther, Wheel Product Manager at Jost Australia. “We are confident in the product, and believe that it will fill a hole in the market, for a high quality, reasonably priced alloy wheel.”

The Tuna Wheels are available now in several sizes and finishes, including 8.25” x 22.5”, 8.25” x 19.5” and 7.5” x 19.5. They come in two different finishes polished and diamond cut, depending on the needs of their clients.

“The great thing about Tuna Wheels is, we are giving customers another option, a good option,” said Ben Crowther. And if early numbers are any indication, Tuna Wheels are going to make an impact on the Australian wheel market.

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