KJM Contractors is the transport and logistics supplier of choice for the mining, exploration and geothermal industries

As Australia’s only one-stop shop remote area specialist, KJM Contractors is the transport and logistics supplier of choice for the mining, exploration and geothermal industries.remote-area-transport-and-logistics-one-stop-shop-ydhotnih
KJM Contractors provides a wide range of services to remote mine sites across Australia. Its services include regular air charter flights, transport runs, heavy haulage, engineering and fully serviced camp hire for remote areas. This includes rubbish removal, crude oil, water and effluent cartage.
In addition, the company offers Australia-wide hot shot services – complete red-hot urgent deliveries of required materials to mine sites and drilling rigs.
KJM Contractors’ booming business has come a long way since its humble beginnings. In 1992, the company only consisted of Director, Kim John McNamara, working as a sub-contractor with just one truck.
In 2002, when Mr McNamara was becoming dissatisfied with working as a sole sub-contractor, he was awarded his first contract to a mine site, the Challenger gold mine, for its open-cut and underground mining operations. His company grew in leaps and bounds from then on.
It was in that year that KJM Contractors obtained its first Isuzu truck, an FRR 500 Long, which is still in daily use and is still running well at 768,305 kilometres.
KJM Contractors now employs 470 staff and operates out of a head office in Adelaide in addition to offices in Brisbane, Roma and the Cooper Basin. This allows KJM Contractors to service customers at mine sites across Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia.
To keep up with the ever increasing workload, the company uses a fleet of Isuzu trucks consisting of one FRR 500 Long based McDonald Johnson Compactor, two FVZ with Ahrns Tilt Trays – which are set up with gates – and three FVZ 1400 Long flat tops with side gates.
The Isuzu trucks assist with a variety of different services, including local metropolitan pick-ups and deliveries, hot shot services and trips to mine sites. The tilt trays are used to recover vehicles from various mine sites, and the FRR 500 compactor is used to pick up rubbish from camps.
KJM Contractors Operations Manager, Kim Wittwer, has been with the company since the early days and says its specialised service is complemented by its friendly staff to help stand out from the competitors.
“Our staff know their jobs, understand our clients’ needs and expectations, and deliver on time every time,” Mr Wittwer said.
Mr Wittwer said the company’s Isuzu trucks are all in use every day, travelling approximately 60,000 kilometres each year, and split their driving time equally on highways and off-road. They handle the rugged outback conditions with ease. To combat the tough conditions, KJM Contractors have enhanced their Isuzu trucks with additional protective features.
“The trucks have been fitted with heavy duty trays and additional rubber mud flaps to protect them against the stones thrown up in the off-road work. The trucks handle those conditions with very few problems,” Mr Wittwer said.
“We have found the best feature of the Isuzu trucks to be their reliability. When choosing new trucks for our fleet now, we purchase based on what we know works.

“We would add more Isuzu trucks to our fleet without a doubt.”