Krazy Kiwis Kornering

This video, titled ‘Krazy Kiwis Kornering ‘ was made by Diesel News on a recent visit to our friends on the other side of the ditch. This particular corner is a well known to truckies in New Zealand. It’s called Bulli Point and is a tight blind ben right on the edge of Lake Taupo, about twenty minutes south of Taupo town. Importantly, it’s on Highway One, the main route in NZ, which connects Auckland to Wellington, and on to Christchurch via the ferry.


On this major freight route these trucks meet with caution (we see one of the truckies calling the bend on the UHF, as he passes), in a situation where the New Zealand government has decided to allow large trucks relatively untrammelled access to all roads in the country. It is almost the exact opposite to the situation here in Australia, where even if the truck is perfectly safe and capable of using a particular route, the local road owner will often arbitrarily disallow access.


New Zealand has developed a generic truck type, the 50 Max, and it is allowed on all roads in the country. An eight wheeler pulling a five axle dog is allowed to run to 23 metres long and to 50 tonnes, as of right. This can go up to 62 tonnes if a permit is involved.

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Author: Tim Giles

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