Kumho comes first for Lovatt

It’s not often a truck operator raves about the performance of a particular brand of tyre but for Sydney’s Mark Lovatt, his comments on the Kumho brand certainly testify to a high level of satisfaction.

Mark Lovatt. Fully impressed with Kumho tyres.

Mark is managing director of Lovatt Transport, with Kumho tyres now fitted to the great majority of his 40 trailers and 25 trucks. Specifically, Kumho KRT03 tyres are used on trailers with KRD03 and KRS03 designs used on drive and steer axles respectively.

According to Lovatt, the Kumho KR range offers excellent performance for a competitive price.

“We’re really happy with the performance of the Kumhos,” he says, adding that he first moved to Kumho about three years ago.

“We were recommended Kumho by Advantage Tyres at Ingleburn (south-western Sydney) and we were instantly attracted by the price.

“Since then, we have been impressed with the kilometres we’re getting so we keep replacing our tyres with the Kumho KR range and we’ve never had an issue with any of them.

Lovatt Transport has been servicing the Sydney metropolitan, Newcastle and Canberra areas for more than 20 years, specialising in container transport from its depot at Botany Bay.

The fleet of 25 trucks are a familiar sight on NSW roads painted in a vivid green and black colour scheme, always immaculately presented and ranging from eight tonne table tops to B-double combinations.

“The only vehicles and trailers that aren’t using Kumho tyres are the ones that are new to our fleet which are still on their original tyres, but as soon as they are ready for replacement we fit Kumho,” Mark Lovatt commented.

“The performance is equal to that of more expensive European brands but the price is much lower which adds considerably to Kumho’s advantage,” he insists.