Last Mile Access

Last Mile Access

When the really big technology companies get involved with last mile access, you know things are going to change dramatically. The involvement of a global giant like Boeing tells us the technology and smarts are in place to radically change the world of the last mile of any delivery process.

Here the aeronautics specialists are building a autonomous flying vehicle capable of  carrying 250 kg over a distance of up to 30 km. It’s an electric powered vehicle, as well. So, it looks like the technology already exists to move flight on the linehaul leg in an electric truck from Tesla, in the local distribution arena with any number of electric light trucks and vans already on the market and over the last mile with an electric drone from Boeing.

If Boeing are making one, then so are plenty of others. There is a chance we will see a flood of new contraptions, of all sizes, using all sorts of power sources coming onto the market.

One of the questions which needs to be asked is whether the legal framework is ready for all of this innovation. The law makers wheels grind exceedingly slow but the pace of innovation in the movement of freight seems to be speeding up.

Look out for more of these technologies at the upcoming Megatrans event in Melbourne: